Best Antique Shops in USA

Antique shops are always to me as a treasure haunting the place. I love to go there and find some lucrative historical things that will ever be used for the museum. U.S.A is the place where we can find the most famous antique shops. Today we will explore the shops and after regaining the knowledge we would attack the shops like “Captain Crook”. So, let’s go and find the shops of our dream.

Streets of Treasure
New Orleans is known as the most famous antique streets throughout the world. People from all over the world came to visit the place. There are three main streets in New Orleans. They are Royal Street, Chartres Street, and Magazine Street. The Royal Street and Chartres Street mainly located In the French Quarter. Here antique lovers will find museum quality furniture, art, and jewelry. In a research, it came to know that, The Travel Channel gave Royal Street the title of ‘world’s best street for antiquing’. And people all over the world agree to this point.
Magazine Street is located on Garden Street and is famous for Electrical things. This Street is famous for fabulous French collections, vintage clothes, and art galleries.
Discoveries Furniture & Finds
This shop is also located in New Orleans. It’s a globally inspired shop for furniture, who sells the antique wooden piece. This shop is mostly famous for its vibrant color, unique form, pattern, and textures. The shop is managed by a lovely couple who travels all over the world and collect the unique pieces of furniture. So it’s guaranteed that you will find all the unique design furniture and décor items in this shop. So, why to waste your time, just come and explore the world of beauty.
The French Antique Shop
This shop is also located in the French Quarter. You can find mainly French oriented things in this shop. Lighting and furniture are the best sellers of this shop. 18th and 19th centuries fashion can be found in this shop. It’s a family business, and people around the world come to collect things from this shop. It’s a worldly known shop for French things.
Hazel Kentucky
Hazel is a small city containing only 410 inhabitants. But in spite of such less population, it is comprised as the world’s best seller antique town. This town has around 12 independent antique shops. State Line Ranch & Home is a shop where you can find jeans, hats, boots and rodeo gear which can instantly make you a perfect cowboy. Another shop named Blue Moon Antiques, where you can find over-sized furniture. And they allure the main point of attention.
Buchanan Virginia
It’s a small town but is the mostly seeking antique place, where you can find vintage wares. This city had almost 10 independent shops. Among them, most are the family owned business. The Barefoot Peddler is one such type of shop, family oriented and highly recommended for specialty items of printed furniture and wall décor. Purgatory Emporium is the newly added shop where you can find 40 mongers selling their museum items product as well as jams and jellies.
Hope you will be beneficial for this post. Happy treasure hunting.

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